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About the Cobblestone Manor

The Cobblestone Manor was designated an Alberta Historic resource in 1982 and sits on almost 1 acre of land near the majestic Canadian Rockies. The Manor is approximately 5000 sq feet and is covered with over 200 tons of river rock. It has 28 doorways and with each being its own unique size.

The Manor is constructed with exotic hard wood from around the world as well as material repurposed from the Mormon temple and the Prince of Whales Hotel. An impressive array of imported stained glass from Italy is also present throughout the Manor.

Write a Letter & Enter for your Chance to Win this Historic Canadian Gem

Mailing Address: PO BOX 1327 CARDSTON, ALBERTA, CANADA T0K 0K0
Email your story & include entry fee to trust account email: contestcobblestonemanor@gmail.com

Contest Terms and Conditions

Entry fee $100.00 (Canadian) or ($80.00 USA): Enclose with your letter a certified Canadian bank cheque or money order. Please make cheque/money order out to “Write a letter win the Cobblestone Manor”.

Write a Letter win The Cobblestone Manor: and mail to the above address or if submitting an E-Letter, E transfer to trust account email: contestcobblestonemanor@gmail.com. Entries not including entrance payments fees and or all required information will not qualify for this contest.

Write your one-page (500 word or less) story: You may choose a formal letter, essay or simply a few paragraphs. Your story should be written about how winning the Cobblestone Manor Restaurant and B&B with a CLEAR title and NO MORTGAGE would change your life. This must be mailed or emailed to the address listed above.

Provide your legal name and address for contact in the event that you are selected as the winner, or if your entry fee must be returned due to cancellation of the contest.

Choosing a winner: The most compelling stories in the opinion of the Cobblestone Manor owners Ivan and Marsha Negrych (“owners”) will be grouped into a list of 100 finalists. Those will be given to a panel of independent judges, who will select a winner who they determine in their majority opinion has written the most convincing entry. Their opinion is subjective and not based on any standard of writing or substantive content. The winner will be announced 30 days of the date the contest closes.

Winning the Cobblestone Manor: The person submitting the winning entry will be given clear title to The Cobblestone Manor by way of a transfer of land pursuant to the Alberta Land Titles Act, RSA 2000, cl-4. The winner at its own cost must register the land title at the South Alberta Land Registry. The owners have placed a value of $1.7 million on the Cobblestone Manor as an operating restaurant and bed and breakfast.

Contest duration: The contest is open for a period of six (6) months, starting May 1 2019 end ending October 31, 2019 at midnight, Mountain Daylight Saving Time or such date that a full allotment of 17,000 entries are submitted.

Minimum amount: If a minimum amount of 17,000 entries (“the minimum Amount”) is not received while the contest is open, the contest will be deemed cancelled. The owners may, in their sole discretion permit the contest to proceed if the Minimum Amount is not received at the time the contest ends.

Cancellation: The contest will be cancelled in the event of not achieving the Minimum Amount as set out above. or if the Cobblestone Manor, is sold before the close of the contest,or if the Owners deceased or by reason of force majeure.

Refunds: In the event of the contest cancellation, refunds will be mailed or e-transferred to the address provided by entrant, less any postage or bank charges that may apply.

Not a lottery: As per Alberta Gaming and Liquor control regulations, this contest is NOT a lottery. It is not a random draw.

Not a Promotion: As per the Competition Bureau of Canada, this contest is not promoting any organization.

Taxation: Please research the tax laws of your native Country to determine any tax ramifications resulting from winning the contest before submitting your entry.

One entry: One entry per applicant, each applicant must be 18 years of age or older . Each individual entry must include entry fee of $100.00 (Canadian) currency, or $80 (USA) currency.

No Family: No entries will be allowed from Ivan & Marsha Negrych’s immediate or distant family

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How we fell in love with the Cobblestone Manor 17 years ago

After living in Calgary for 20 years and dealing with the traffic and hustle and bustle of living in a big city we decided we wanted a change of pace and lifestyle. 

Years ago back in 1977 I visited the Cobblestone Manor in Cardston and remember being in awe of the craftsmanship and detail. In 2002, and some 23 years after my initial visit later we purchased the Cobblestone Manor.

The town of Cardston is 10 minutes from the Montana border, 30 minutes from Waterton National Park located in the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains and 2.5 hours away from Calgary.

Over the past 17 years we have had the pleasure of hosting and getting to know people from around the world. We find ourselves raising two grandchildren and wanting to retire. My wife and I talk about the great memories we have had but both agree it’s time for someone else to experience what we have come to love for so many years.

Come Discover Your Piece of Heaven